Money, Cars and Richest Rappers

drake car bugatti

While luxurious cars like Maserati, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Bugatti remain a dream for most people, there are those for whom it’s pretty much real and driving this type of awesomeness is an everyday affair for them. Who are they? They are famous professional athletes, Hollywood stars, wealthy businessmen, politicians, entertainers and rappers.

There is one million way to make one million dollars and some people seem to just get hang of it. While many others seem to be frustrated these type of people seem to be not just playing but actually controlling. Once you figure out your way to the top, be that music, professional sports, acting or business things apparently get reduced to a very specific easy to follow formula. Well, maybe not easy but also not as hard as one might imagine.

I realize you might have your doubts about what I am saying. But today I am not talking guesses, rather I am talking from the position of knowledge and have clear cut proofs to show you. Let’s take rappers and entertainers as an example. I chose rappers because many guys who read my blog are young and are into this type of music. These people are someone who they see and listen too every day. We have no idea how they got there but what is definitely clear is that they all live absolutely awesome lifestyle and not just a type of lifestyle they display in videos but much more than that. In reality, they sometimes have to tone down their wealth and lifestyle to be able to better connect with audience.

drake's car Recently has published an interesting comparison table of richest rappers in the word you can find it here If you look at that you will see that Dr. Dre pulled $780 million. Think about that. That is seven hundred eighty freaking million dollars! What would you do if you had that sort of money. Some of them drive cars that can cost $1 million or more, like Drake (see his Bugatti on the right).

That’s really interesting indeed. These people are rich because WE made them rich. Yes, guys, you and me made them rich by buying their stuff. There is a lesson in that really. While we are dreaming and watching their videos and listen to their music, they are actually living OUR dream. What do I suggest? I don’t know. Maybe to start looking at the bigger picture and start figuring out what we are good at and what is that special thing we could offer to the world that a lot of people would appreciate.

If you think you don’t have anything special you are not alone. But if you look at the biography of some of them you will see that not each of them was something special in the beginning either. Sure some were and some got a lot of help, some were fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time, but some were really nothing special and yet, they made themselves so extraordinary rich. I will leave you at that now. Hope you are inspired by now. Go and start figuring things out. Don’t waste a day, make every day count on the way to your goal.